Earlier this year, I had the great pleasure to meet Roger Kneebone, Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy of Arts, Professor of Surgical Education at Imperial College London, and host of the fantastic Countercurrent podcast.

I was inspired to write a blog about Roger’s work, which brings surgery into conversation with other professions that share a focus on “embodied knowing”, performance, and craft.

In March, Roger very kindly invited me over to the Wellcome Trust to record an episode of his Countercurrent podcast on speechwriting. The episode is now live:

Also available via Apple Podcasts.

We enjoyed a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation, and I really hope you all find it useful. Here’s what Roger had to say:

We touched on a few topics I’ve addressed on the blog before, not least the performative utterance, the need to be invisible, and the question of authenticity.

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