Writing and editing

Speechwriting: The challenge of the short-form statement
Speechwriting: Advice for a first-time public speaker
Speechwriting: Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury
Speechwriting: May’s muscular metaphors
Speechwriting: Risk-averse humour for business speeches
Speechwriting: What can we learn from the recent Democrat and Republican conventions?
The art of scientific writing: some thoughts on idioms
The art of scientific writing: the passive voice
Structuring and writing essays: a guide for undergraduates

Academic research

The blog entries below are lecture scripts, conference papers, and other occasional writings that relate to my academic research. Information about my monograph is available here, and a list of my published articles and book chapters is available here.

Research into avant-garde movements and literature

Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) Culture
Notes on Nash (at Tate Britain, November 2016)
Utopia: the avant-garde, modernism and (im)possible life
Sussex surrealism (Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, May 2015)
The novel after its abandonment: Stewart Home and Lars Iyer (Berlin, November 2014)
Heatwave: The Who, the mods, and the cultural turn
Mass Observation and everyday uninterest
Three minutes of wobbly foxglove
Be realistic, market the impossible
The anxiety of recuperation
Distant relatives: Robinson from Defoe to Keiller (Toronto, October 2012)
Introduction to Isidore Isou
Occupy the reality studio
Adbusters 1, 2, and 3

Research into the Situationist International

The Situationist International – slides (Oxford Brookes, December 2016)
‘Introduction’ available on Google Books
Interview with Routledge
General Ludd, Captain Swing, Rebecca, and King Mob
Situationists in Britain – Links
Eyes for blowing up bridges: the Situationist International, Malcolm McLaren, and punk rock
Radical Philosophy review #2
Radical Philosophy review #1
The peculiar romanticism of the English Situationists
The style of negation and the negation of style
PhD thesis
Heretical inheritance
Situating the Situationists
Interview with McKenzie Wark
Society of the Spectacle foreword
Sex and the situs
The Situationist International and its British fallout
Why the English have no taste